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Using Downlighters to Illuminate Your Interior Spaces

October 31, 2013

Are you about to change the look of your home? Maybe you have just decided to build a new home. If you are looking for an attractive way to light your home, you should consider downlighters. They will provide good lighting and keep down on glare in your living spaces.

You can choose from many different looks when it comes to downlighters, so do not worry about being stuck with a particular style. Downlighters are really great when you are trying to minimise on glare but are going to need a lot of light in a room. You do not have to worry about taking up space with a lot of lamps that sit on table tops or floor lamps.

These lights are installed into your ceiling. They are recessed; they do not hang down as some light sources do. This means that they are installed into holes in your ceiling. They are designed so that it seems like you have light coming from inside of your ceiling. There are all sorts of styles that you can choose from – very basic to very ornate, whatever your preference may be.

You can find these downlighters to match your decor is, no matter what your taste. If you have a taste for more modern design, you will definitely love these lights. They are like flood lights but not as obtrusive and of course, are inside of your home as opposed to outside in your lawn or on your deck. The lights send a steady stream of light directly downwards.

Typically these lights are placed in a line, several in a row, spaced evenly apart. They can light an entire room very well. With many of the styles that are available, you can point them in different directions, some of which can easily be changed by turning them with your hand. Of course, if you need to do this, make sure to use a safe and sturdy ladder.

The lights, since they are installed in your ceiling, usually have a lip or a decorative plate that lays flat on the surface of the ceiling that keeps the bulb up inside the light fixture itself. These plates are typically metal but can also be purchased in plastic or wood.

Downlighters will give your home a warm glow without being overly obtrusive. Many of them are placed on dimmer switches so that you can select the level of lighting that you get in any room of your home where these lights are installed. They are very pretty and they give your interior a feeling unlike other lights. Always check when purchasing that individual bulbs and fittings are suitable for use with dimmer switches if you intend to use these.

Particularly when you have a pitched roof or A-frame home, these lights can help you light up spaces that would typically be otherwise difficult to illuminate. Save energy by not having lots of lamps that use different watt bulbs burning all over the room in order to light it all up. You can even use energy saving bulbs, such as LEDs, in your downlighters and make a real difference.


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Using Downlighters to Illuminate Your Interior Spaces

Are you about to change the look of your home? Maybe you have just decided to build a new home. If y [...]

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